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How to get glowing skin with the Soma C-Glow Serum

Most of us can agree that glowing skin may be one of our top skin goals. But sometimes it feels unattainable due to skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, breakouts, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. However with the right skincare routine and product, you can get back on track and achieve an unimaginable glow!

Stay with us as we guide you on the right path with the SOMA C-Glow Serum.

The SOMA C-Glow serum contains 20% Vitamin C with Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E suspended in a botanical Hyaluronic Acid base. It also contains other superstar ingredients like Aloe Vera Juice, Jojoba Oil, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and Gotu Kola extract.

Vitamin C is the most abundant naturally occurring antioxidant in the skin and is essential for smooth, glowing skin.

Vitamin C poses a challenge when formulating skin care products because it is very sensitive to environmental changes such as temperature, pH and light. This means that its effectiveness decreases if these factors are not optimal. Vitamin C can also be very irritating at higher concentrations.

Vitamin C is still a skin care favorite at SOMA GLOW.

With this in mind, the SOMA C-GLOW Serum was born. The SOMA C-Glow Serum features the highest form of active bioavailable Vitamin C at 20%. This form of Vitamin C is more stable and less likely to cause irritation but still very effective.

Anyone can integrate the SOMA C-Glow Serum into their skin care routine.

After cleansing your skin, apply the SOMA C-Glow Serum and allow it to absorb for 1-2 minutes. Follow up with moisturizer and a sunblock of your choice. If using a toner apply after cleansing and before serum application.

The benefits of the SOMA C-Glow Serum can be seen in just 4 weeks of consistent use.

These benefits are:

Prevents premature aging by neutralizing free radicals and preventing the formation of reactive oxidative species.

Keeps skin firm and smooths skin textural abnormalities like acne scars and fine lines by boosting collagen formation.

Evens skin tone and fades hyperpigmentation by decreasing the formation of melanin.

Another noteworthy benefit is that the SOMA C-Glow Serum can prevent and treat breakouts in blemish-prone skin without irritation. This is a very unique feature as most Vitamin C serum formulas do not have this ability.

All-in-all your skin will thank you for using this nutrient-laden elixir! After all, everyone deserves to have beautiful, glowing skin.

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