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The Skin Centre By SOMA GLOW

Advanced Peeling Techniques
for Licensed Aestheticians
(one day)

February 11th, 2023
8 am - 5 pm

Cost: $850 USD


Technology Innovation Centre, University of Technology, Jamaica

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Course Overview

Advanced Peeling Techniques is a high-yield, one-day hands-on course for licensed Aestheticians.

This course will build on existing knowledge and skills in treating superficial cosmetic skin concerns. Licensed Aestheticians will learn how to safely and appropriately administer chemical peels with a special focus on skin of colour and preventing complications. 


What you will learn


Principles of Chemical Peel application


How to choose the right peel for clients


How to safely administer Chemical Peels


How to prevent complications and knowing when to refer

Why Aesthetic Medicine?

Non-invasive to minimally invasive aesthetic treatments are fast becoming increasingly appealing to many clients as safe and effective options for non-surgical rejuvenation and enhancement of the face and body. Worldwide, the Medical Aesthetic market is projected to reach USD 15.3 Billion by 2025 and eventually up to USD 53 Billion.

Diversifying your General Practice by adding Aesthetic Medicine as an additional skill set can be beneficial toward capitalizing on this growing market. The demand in Jamaica is also growing at a significant rate and there is definitely a need for more practitioners and centres that offer these procedures safely. With the demand of these treatments high and predicted increase, now is the best time to receive training!

About Us

The Skin Centre by SOMA GLOW is Jamaica's premier advanced treatment centre that focuses on advanced skin treatments for skin of colour.


We offer Virtual and In-Person skin-related consultations, Chemical Peels and Advanced Microneedling Treatments. 


Our treatments are done by Dr Glow, our Medical Director who specializes in Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine.

Professional Facial
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